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London Travel Guide

Nevertheless, a few key guidelines can help you ease your travel fears to let you enjoy the old city to the fullest.

The first step towards conquering the city of London, is to travel with an open mind. Go with the flow and make sure you have done some homework before you land in the city. London is soaked in over 200 years of rich history and culture and is home to some of the world’s most marvellous buildings and monuments. Before travelling read a few books and travel blogs that brings out the true essence of the English culture as this lets you embrace their landmarks with more passion.

Booking your flight and hotel accommodation in advance helps you get the best bargains and the most apt choice. Most travellers also prefer to book their airport minicab pick up in advance. London airports handle millions of passengers every year and the traffic in London is congested during most hours of the day. London airport minicab services are the best way to travel from the airport to the city as they are safe, quick and the most comfortable option. In addition to the value it brings to your money it also offers extra perks such free flight monitoring services, friendly drivers and special seasonal offers.

While you are in London, you might witness some very erratic weather that sometimes plays a spoilsport to your travel plans. Be prepared and carry the required accessories required to guard you from the climatic conditions. Book yourself in at least one of the walking tours in London as this helps you get the feel of the city better and is simply an incredible experience. The heart of the city has many monuments and museums that are a real treat to history lovers. Some of the must see attractions of Central London are Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The London Tower Bridge, The London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey and The Shakespeare’s Globe. While these big attractions are the most spoken about, there is a quirky side to London which is total fun to be explored. Spend an inquisitive afternoon at the HintHunt with your friends or simply take a quiet walk along one of the Royal Parks. London has tranquillity, adventure, history which is all that one can ask for.

Another interesting feature of the city is its love for good food and wine. London has many restaurants that offer cuisines from across the globe. Visit one of the traditional English pubs in Central London and enjoy great music and scrumptious food late into the night. If you are a lover of the vineyard, London is no short of offering you the best variety and quality of wine.

Now that you have witnessed the richness of the city through its culture and food, maybe it is time to take a part of London home with you. London is the world’s capital for top class fashion and designer wear. London has massive malls selling top brands in the world as well as street markets that sell some interesting accessories. Explore the markets of London for some good bargains and make sure you carry back enough souvenirs to cherish for a lifetime.

Tips on Buying a Family Tent

How to choose the right tent for your family

Choosing the right tent can be daunting as this is the most vital piece of equipment you will take with you on your family camping trip. This will be your home away from civilization and you’ll want to make sure you have the right one for your family before pulling out of the driveway! Keep reading to learn great family camping tips and tricks for purchasing that all important family tent.

The most critical decision factors in choosing the right tent are size, cost and materials. Let’s look at each in turn.

So you’ve decided to take a camping trip! How many people are you planning to bring with you? Count them up! This is the most important decision making factor in choosing the size of your tent. Make sure to consider how much luggage will need to reside inside the tent, any additional items you’ll bring to sleep on such as cots or mattresses and don’t forget about a space for Fido if you’re bringing him along. Ok, so now everyone’s counted and you know how much space you need, but is it really enough? Before making a big investment in your tent, take a look at the little ones you’re bringing with you. How much bigger are they going to get? If you’re investing in a good quality tent you may want to consider getting something that will grow with the family so that you don’t find yourself needing to purchase a replacement in a year or two. Don’t go too crazy though, you want something roomy but not humongous. As a general guideline add one more person to your party. As an example, if you are a family of 4, try to find a good quality tent that sleeps five or even six. Having some extra room allows everyone to spread out a little and also provides some space for your gear.

Next is quality, also known as price. Tents, like everything, come in a wide range of prices and qualities so make sure to do your research. If you know what you’re looking for, it will be easier to find a good deal on a second hand website like Craigslist or you’ll be able to act fast and grab the last in stock on In addition to online research, pop into your local sporting goods store and have a chat with one of the salespeople. They will generally be quite knowledgeable and can help you answer specific questions that you may have trouble finding the answers to online. Once you have all the information and you know what you can live with and what you can live without, set a budget and stick to it! I do recommend taking a peek at Craigslist once you know what you’re looking for, as some people find camping is not their thing after just one trip. Just make sure you know all the parts that should be included.

Another factor that falls into the price is the material. There are a number of materials used to make tents but you will likely be looking at a nylon or polyester one. Tent material is important to ensure it stays dry, particularly if you plan to tent in the off-season. Check to make sure the tent material has been treated and inquire about the maintenance of the tent and see if you can purchase additional treatments to spray the tent on an annual basis to ensure it stays in good repair. UV Rays and other elements can wear down the tent fibers.

Lastly, before you make your big purchase, think through your trip and understand what you need to bring and where you’ll store it. Some tents come with vestibules which are really handy for storing backpacks and other gear. Think about the time of year you’re taking the trip and other comfort needs such as accommodating mattresses, etc. Are you going to a drive-in spot or hiking to your campsite? If you’re hiking, make sure to check the tent weight!

After running through this checklist and speaking with your local salesperson at the sporting goods store you should be ready to purchase. Once you do, take you new tent home or to a park and set it up. There are two great reasons to do this. First, you’ll know all the right pieces are included and everything fits and second, and perhaps more importantly, you’ll have had some practice in assembly.

China Travel Tips

qeChina is a strange best and some tips must be considered when traveling to china to make the travel easier especially for some cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Xian, all have their own personality.

China Travel tips #1 – china toilet considerations: never expect to find clean toilet all the time. The traveler can bring some tissues with him. The traveler to china also can use toilet squatting.

Many public toilets around the cities, usually those who are to pay OK, the other best to stay away from if you can. You will soon notice as you walk around the cities. If you get clean toilet,
It will be good because it cannot be found again for a while.

China Travel tip#2 – Food: the food in china is good and interesting. Most of the time, the traveler can find his choice for eating but at other times, there may not be a choice. There are some foods that can be eaten until the desired food is found. This can be chocolate bar or some drink. The people in china are interesting while eating. They can be noisy at launch and dinner and the table is like celebration. The traveler must choose the suitable place because people can smoke while eating. Some restaurants can be smoky and loud.

China Travel Tip#3 – Taxi: there exist good taxis in Shanghai. Try to get the Blue, Blue’ish Turquoise, Oro Blanco and taxis, these are the best but the drivers cannot speak English.
It is good experience to carry business card or hotel accommodation with you written in Chinese to help if you lost walking.

In all taxis around the city, there is registration number and a name for the driver. It can be taken in case of problem and then take the necessary procedures against the driver. This enhances the quality of service for the taxis in the town. The government takes rip-off drivers in all cities, especially Beijing and Xian, very seriously, and if they complain they will lose their license.

China Travel Tip#4 – Shopping: China is a very big market and have very many customers. They offer clothing as the much bought sells. You can buy clothes but in middle size, the largest sizes may not be found in regular cities but can be found in big cities.

Electronic devices such as cameras, DVDs, mobiles, and thing like this are not preferable to be bought in China. Hong Kong is a better place to find them. The overall market open from 10 am to 10 pm. Visa card is a good option to buy your products.

When purchasing, note that Chinese are experienced in sales. The price they ask can be double the actual price. You can look around on other sellers to know the actual price or to lower the price with the seller until he leaves you to go. You will then know the actual price of the good. The end result can be 25-40% from the starting price.

China Travel Tip#5 – medical treatment: in large hotels, there are good doctors that speak English. This offers good service for treatment. There are also large network of pharmacies in eacy city and in each store which is indicated by Green Cross. Try to store a book stage for the medicine because they cannot speak English.

In most mass production package type of medicines, the packaging will be written in Chinese on one side, English on the other. But in the stores that only sees the Chinese side. Take a good look, in turn most of packaging, which gives you a lot more confidence knowing that you can read the package.

Shopping Tips for Women’s Hiking Boots

Many people are looking at ways to get fit and walking is an ideal way to do this. It does not need expensive equipment and there is no need to train or practice. With so much beautiful countryside to look at it can be combined with a great day out. There is however one thing that is needed and that is a decent pair of shoes. No female should go hiking without a decent pair of women’s hiking boots.

Unlike when buying shoes for work or socialising, it is important to take into account what type of hiking you will be doing. This will cover areas such as what type of terrain will you be walking over, what time of the year will you be doing this and also how many hours at a time are you expecting to be wearing the boots. Getting a blister in work can be uncomfortable but getting one miles away from anywhere is much more serious.

The boots can protect your feet in a number of ways. If they fit properly, blisters should not be an issue. All good boots will be waterproof and should have a lining that will allow your feet to breathe. If your feet get too hot and you walk for hours then the skin will become damp and uncomfortable. When they are taken off, there will be a smell but the discomfort will be worse.

A further advantage that women’s hiking boots over ordinary walking shoes is the ankle support. It will be easy to twist your ankle standing on a stone or getting caught in weeds or a rut where mud has dried and trying to carry on will be very difficult. Some boots are heavy and would take some time to get used to, but more up to date ones have a look similar to training shoes.

All boots should have a thick sole so as walking over a stone is not painful. Most will have a covered toecap like many types of working boots. Rather than protection from items falling on them they could be more useful to prevent damage if kicking a rock or stubbing the toe on hard rough ground.Depending on the amount of time you will spend hiking, there should be a pair of boots that fit your price range.

An item such as Asolo Women’s Atlantis GTX Boots will sell for over $200 but if you do not plan to do this on a regular basis and won’t be tackling the hardest roads it is possible to get a pair for somewhere in the region of $15 – $20. There are no real styles to these boots. They are the same design as men’s and a more a case of function over style. Protection is the most important thing and the glamour should be saved for after the hiking is finished. With a good pair of womens hiking boots you will be able to walk in comfort and have confidence that there will be no wet feet or blisters.