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Energy Efficient Refrigeration: Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

The refrigeration system is probably one of the most important parts of most industrial businesses in the global scale, especially now that most products in this day and age require to be refrigerated in order not to get spoiled or rotten. There may be a lot of industrial refrigeration systems currently in the market, but simply one of the most used is the ammonia refrigeration system.

A huge number of businesses in the world are in this day and age making use of the ammonia system central station for their industrial refrigeration systems, most especially in the beverage and food industries all over the US.

Ammonia based refrigeration systems has been used for a very long time already, and it has already conquered most industries since it has the best thermos physical properties while also being environmental friendly, mostly due to the fact that ammonia has no negative effect to our ozone layers and also does not affect the global warming negatively.
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Also another benefit of using an ammonia based refrigeration system is that it is energy efficient, and can basically work very greatly in most food and beverage industries with its ideal temperature range.
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Not only that but an ammonia based refrigeration system is really inexpensive, with easy to replace parts, simple maintenance procedures, cheaper installation fee, while working 3-10% more efficiently than most of its major counter parts, while also using less electricity, it is indeed safe to say that the ammonia refrigeration system is an economical refrigeration system today.

The only problem is that ammonia is still indeed a toxic refrigeration system and it is also highly flammable in specific concentrations, which is why, this has led to the improvement of the designing and operational regulations in order for industrial facilities to be able to make use of the benefit of the ammonia refrigeration system while also handling it safely.

One of the best way to make absolute sure that you are handling ammonia refrigeration system properly is to of course talk to a person who specialized in ammonia refrigeration services.

There should be a lot of them all over the globe, where you can easily locate them by going in their website or just by contacting them through the yellow pages of your directories.

Most companies who dedicated their business to ammonia based refrigeration will have the best trucks that is mainly used for delivering ammonia, and they should also be able to give some safety training to people who would want to start knowing more about ammonia based refrigeration systems, since it is indeed kind of complicated.