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Holidays with Babies

Traditionally my family have always taken holidays camping and as kids we loved it because we had the freedom to run around outside, play on our bikes and spend day after day with the friends that we had made. It was great exercise and it got us away from the TV and electronic games for a few weeks.

Once I became an adult I knew I would love my kids to have the same type of holidays and benefits that they give. But what I didn’t realise was the reality of camping with a new baby or young children. As soon as I had my son the thought of having to manage my already complicated life in a more difficult environment was totally off putting and I didn’t go camping for many years. I returned again when the youngest was a few years old and although it was hard work, it was totally worth it and was fantastic for the children. Now my children are a few years older, it is getting easier every year.

This year I went away camping as usual and we were on a camp site with a few friends who had young children and one who had a new baby that was only a few weeks old. After spending a week with them and seeing how they managed, I could have kicked myself when I realised that camping with a brand new baby is actually really easy and much easier than when they are a few years old, because most of the time they are asleep or being carried around. You can carry them around in a sling and still do most things in the evening, they can be out wherever you are in the pram and they can sleep on the move.

I really wish that I had realised this at the time, because I missed a few years which I could have easily managed with a new baby. The trick is to simplify your life while you are away and make sure you prepare before you go, you can make some dishes and freeze them in takeaway containers in advance. I freeze everything before we leave (butter, bread) and then put it all in a cool bag, that way it stays cold for a couple of days. You can then cook things as they defrost. The other tip is to make sure you don’t have a hectic schedule, so you don’t need to rush about. Life with a new baby needs to be flexible and you need time to prepare before you go out.

Another good idea is to have an extra adult, you could take a family friend, aunt, uncle or grandparent as an extra pair of hands, this can be really helpful if you have other children who need watching or entertaining.

One of the most important thing is that you have plenty of space in your tent or an extra gazebo in case the weather is bad, the hardest thing is all being in a small space for a long time.

Tips to Buy a Camping Stove

Camping is a great recreational activity that allows you to have fun and adventure besides exploring the nature’s hidden treasures. Camping can rejuvenate your senses and refresh you mind. However, before going on a camping vacation, you will need some equipments or gears, so that your trip becomes easy and comfortable. Well, camping stoves are one of the most important parts of your camping gear, which will enable you to cook food when you are present at the campsite.

The vast selection of camping stoves tagged with technical terms may be scary for some who are not that experienced when it comes to camping and buying camping stoves. However, purchasing the right camping stove may not be very hard if you follow some of these tips.

1.Size and weight are two of the biggest considerations that you need to take before buying a camping stove. Remember that you need to travel light-weight when going for camping as even the slightest weight on your backpack may seem like a ton when you travel uphill. To make your life easier on the hiking trail, you need to buy a camp stove that weighs around 15 ounces which should include the weight of the fuel as well.

2.Another thing that you should remember is, to select the stove depending on the volume of cooking you intend to do. If you are solo packing then a camping stove with one or two burners may do but if are planning to go with your family or friends, go for a camping stove that has two or more burners to save time cooking. Camping brands like Coleman offer stoves with two, three or multiple burners.

3.After deciding the size and weight of the stove, the next thing to consider is the type of fuel you’ll want to use. Your fuel options include propane, white gas (also known as Coleman fuel), kerosene and unleaded gas. However, it is mostly recommended to use propane and white gas only. Of all the stoves, those that are powered by white gas produce the most heat. Also, it is a more environmentally friendly choice for it burns without producing any odor or effect on food taste as well as produces less waste.

4.Make sure that the stove burns at high altitude, so that you don’t end up eating raw macaroni. Check what form the fuel supply comes in. If possible, buy a tank with reusable fuel tank or canister.

5.Lastly, don’t forget the price! The price of the stove is very important. Decide how much of money are you willing to spare. Stoves range from simple one-burners for $20, to full stand-up ones for $200. So check out the price, before you buy anything. Consult your friends and relatives to the best piece at the best price.

Well, the above ideas will certainly help you to select the beast camping stove without much hassle or difficulty.

Tips For Buying The Right Camping Gear

If you want to have fun in the outdoors it is important that you bring along the right outdoor camping gear. Camping trips should be fun and exciting ways to spend time with your significant other, or as a family, not a pain because you didn’t bring along the right equipment. All too often people just don’t plan ahead, and wind up miserable because they are too cold, don’t have enough food, or the tent isn’t big enough for everyone as well as gear. Here are some tips for buying the right gear for whatever kind of camping you plan on doing.

When it comes to planning a successful camping trip, there are some basics you need to think about. Buying the right outdoor camping gear means that you get the right gear for the camping trips you are planning. For an example, if you are a summer camper, and you like to go up into the mountains, you have to be prepared for the weather. It can get cold at night, so the first place to start is buying sleeping bags that are rated for at least 40 degrees, less if you plan to go up into the high country. The next thing to think about is buying the right tent. A tent can be a tricky thing to buy. Get one that is too cheap and you are going to have a miserable time. Always buy a tent that is larger than you need. If you have four people in your family, don’t just buy a four person tent, you need at least a six person tent. Why? Because you have to think about not only the people who are sleeping in it, but also your gear as well. A four person tent is going to be very cramped and crowded, especially if you take into consideration sleeping bags, kids that are constantly moving around, and storing your clothes, flashlights and other necessities that need to be inside. If you have children, you may even want to consider modular tents, because these have separated areas for the kids, you and your spouse, as well as plenty of designated room for your stuff.

There are many other things to consider when it comes to buying outdoor camping gear. Camping trips are more fun if you are totally prepared for just about any circumstances. You are not always going to have the luxury of a picnic table, so buying some folding tables and chairs is a good idea. The same goes for cooking. Some campgrounds, especially primitive camping won’t allow open fires, so bringing your own cooking stoves and equipment is a good idea. You need to bring at least a two burner camp stove, one that has a wind break around it.

Other things you are going to need for camping trips are first aid kits, flashlights with extra batteries or that are solar powered. It is always a good idea to bring along a couple of rolls of toilet paper, just in case. A folding shovel tool with shovel, hammer, ax, etc, is also a good idea. You also need to plan ahead when it comes to food. One of the biggest and most important outdoor camping gear items that you need is the right ice chest. You want one that is solidly constructed, with a lid that closes tightly. You also want it to have a secure drain spout, so you don’t have to tilt the cooler over to drain the water. These are just a few of the things you need to think about when you are planning your camping trip.

Tips for New Campers

Camping is one outdoor recreational activity that needs a lot of planning and preparation, and would also require a visit to a camping store for all your camping needs like hiking tents. Leaving the comforts of home for a night or two to go on an adventure in the “wilds” cannot be that easy especially if you have not tried it before. Sleeping outdoors in the woods or near a river can be a lot exciting and a bit worrying for new campers; but if you know what to expect and were able to prepare for it, then you have nothing to worry about. It is not as if you are really going to some primitive place with lots of wild animals roaming around.

There are five tips that would be useful for new campers.

The first tip has something to do with choosing the place for your first camping trip. There are public and privately owned campgrounds to choose from. Select a place with the right amenities like hot showers, clean restrooms, and potable water source. Knowing that you have access to these facilities would make your camping trip easy and bearable.

The second tip is about what to bring when you go camping. To make a list of camping equipment and supplies, just think about your basic needs like shelter, food, and warmth, and you would have the important things covered.

Go to a camping store and see the innovations in the camping equipment that would make your camping trip more enjoyable, more convenient, and more comfortable. Go for quality in buying what you need. Make sure that you are buying the right stuff. For example, you would have to buy hiking tents if you were going on a backpacking trip instead of those heavy tents that would be ideal for car camping. You also have to ensure that the tent would provide protection from the rain, wind, and insects. Do not forget that you would also need proper ventilation inside the tent.

The third tip involves your meals. Plan your menu and prepare all the ingredients beforehand for convenience. Cooking might not be that easy even if you do have a portable stove you bought from a camping store. If you have everything ready to cook, then it would be easier for you even if you were tired already.

The fourth tip is about how you dispose of your waste or your trash. Make sure you bring enough garbage bags and you either hang it somewhere animals would not reach or throw it in the designated area at the campground. You would not want your campsite to be inundated with insects or bugs.

What is camping without a campfire? As much as you are excited about sitting in front of a campfire, sipping hot chocolate, and listening to the sounds of nature, you need to be careful on where you pitch your tent in relation to your campfire. It would be easy for your tent to catch fire especially if it is windy during that time. Make sure your campfire is far from your tent or other belongings that might catch fire.

Tips For Kids Hiking Boots

Hiking is a fun and rewarding experience for the entire family if you give it a lot of forethought. It is also a great way to help your kids develop a respect and love for nature, encourage them to stay active, and stimulate a creative imagination. We must get our children interested in going outdoors.

Ideally, your children should be fully equipped and properly attired depending on the climate. Most importantly, they should have good fitting kids hiking boots to help prevent tired and sore feet.

The process of choosing great hiking boots will surely get your kids interested in hiking. Hiking is by far, one of the healthiest hobbies in the world today. It’s a great stress reliever and gives you the exercise that you need. Selecting a high quality pair of kids hiking boots is crucial. Just remember the pain and discomfort you had because of a blister caused by ill-fitting boots. We wouldn’t want our kids to bear the same pain, so that’s a good enough incentive to purchase proper hiking boots for them.

There are lots of great brands that offer high quality boots. Columbia offers a wide selection of hiking boots designed for different terrains and trails, and they offer them at reasonable prices. North Face is another good brand, made popular for their outdoor clothing and equipment. They are widely used by the majority of professional hikers and they offer all the quality footwear any hiker needs. There are a lot of excellent brands available in the market, but before purchasing it’s wise to seek the advice of friends who have been hiking for a long time, or do your own research online for good reviews. You may also bring a knowledgeable friend with you on your shopping trip.

Have your kids test the boots before buying. Here are some important features that you should look for in kids hiking boots:

1. Adequate height (it should be at least ankle high, or higher)
2. A deep tread
3. A soft sole for traction
4. A wide, soft, and thick scree collar
5. A full-length shank
6. Crampon attachments
7. Excellent padding and insulation all throughout (It should also be firm on the bottom).
8. A sturdy but smooth lining.

Have your kids fit the boots with any insoles, socks, or orthopedic inserts that they intend to wear when hiking. A good rule when buying hiking boots is to choose one that is one size bigger than your regular or everyday shoes. A good fit is absolutely necessary to avoid foot injuries while walking.

Remember to be on the lookout for good quality, comfort and durability. When you are shopping for kids hiking boots, of course, cost should only come second. You don’t want your child to hate hiking just because he or she had a bad experience because of uncomfortable footwear. There are lots of great deals on the internet, but if you are a beginner hiker or don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s best to stick to your local stores if you are about to purchase your kid’s first pair of hiking boots.

Tips For Using Hiking Equipment

The very human trait of wanting to go up and explore, to push the human limits of endurance has led to some fantastic discoveries in the past.

However hiking can be a dangerous sport, and whether one is a professional mountaineer or just a backpacker, one needs special hiking equipment and gear to be able to indulge in this activity. Hiking Equipment and gear consist of special clothing and boots, accessories including walking sticks or hiking poles, several types of packs, and water bottle, first aid kit, and emergency rations. That apart, one could carry whatever one deems necessary- items like hammocks, note-pads, and perhaps a mobile phone.

Getting into specifics of EQUIPMENT, hiking boots are the number one piece of hiking equipment, as it protects your feet from damage. There are all types of hiking boots available. From water proof ones to plain hiking sandals. Choose one in accordance with the degree of difficulty of your climb. A pair of well chosen hiking boots will give you immense joy. Wrongly chosen ones on the other hand can cause immense grief.

A walking stick or the more evolved hiking poles are an immense asset in hiking as they practically function as extra limbs by taking the load off your tired legs, though they require some getting used to. The clothing you will wear while hiking is of critical importance too and can sometimes, save you from dangerous situations. Hiking clothes should be able to keep you warm, dry and comfortable. It is important that your clothing is commensurate with the weather conditions expected to prevail on the hike. You should opt for the three layer system of clothing that consists of a base layer, a layer comprising of insulation and the outer shell. Apart from this there are hiking socks, hiking pants, hiking vests, shirts and jackets as well as hiking rain gear that you can choose from.

A good backpack in which you can carry the necessary items of food, drink and accommodation is an absolute must. Or the hike will be grounded even before it ever began. Backpacks come in different sizes and shapes. While buying or hiring one the ground rule to observe is – maximum capacity, minimum weight. After a hard and exhilarating day of hiking there is nothing you desire more than to get some really restful sleep. That is only possible if you are carrying outdoor sleeping gear comprising of a hiking tent, and a comfortable sleeping pad as well as sleeping bag. Once you have all these issues resolved, there is a beautiful world out there waiting to welcome you with open arms.

Tips For Hiking Survival

The proper outdoor clothing is a must.

Do not just start out walking in shorts and a shirt. Be sure the clothes you wear when you hike are of course comfortable but will protect you from the elements.

Proper footwear is of utmost importance. If you are a regular hiker then you are well aware of this. If you are a novice, then check with someone whose knows about hiking gear and follow their advice.

You will want to know how to get back home.

Of course no one starts out on a hike with the intention of getting lost, but getting lost can happen just by taking the wrong trail or making a wrong turn.

Be sure to take along a compass or map or even a GPS device. Just because you think you know where you are does not mean that you are where you suppose.

It is better to be safe than sorry.

Better take along a survival knife.

Most people that spend a lot of time trekking about usually have their “survival kit” of items they keep close by or with them at all times.

One of these items is most likely some sort of survival knife or Swiss army type knife. These types of knives are multi-functional and have many blades and features that come in handy in any situation.

Something like this would be good to have whether or not you are into hiking.

Of course there are many more items that should be at your disposal when you’re hiking trails and woods. This article is just to get you thinking about taking precautions even when you are only considering a leisurely hike.

Be smart and plan out your route and take along the necessary tools in case the unexpected happens.

Tips on Buying Camping Needs

Being able to camp out with the whole family is a great way to spend vacation. Escaping the bustling streets of the city to a fresher air and greener environment is the ultimate adventure. But when you want to spend camping, there are lots of preparations to make and things to purchase. For beginners, buying the complete set of gear and equipment will be very expensive if one does not know what to buy exactly. Grabbing anything that you think that you might need but is not really necessary is easy to add burden to your expenses. Follow these tips to buy camping stuff to save money.

Making a list of what is really necessary for the trip is a must. Itemize the things that you already have and have not. Include everything you might think of even if it feels worthless. Take into account also the very obvious things that you need such as tents, sleeping bag, camping chairs and food. After listing everything down, scratch the things that you really do not need. Prioritize those that are necessary.

Include items that you need for personal use. Like any other vacation, you need to have toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo and etc. You will be surprised in case you thought you have brought them but you do not actually have any of them. When buying look for discounted things because it will greatly help you in saving. Things like discount watches, sale boots and in promotion bags are practical to buy.

The scope of your camping trip will determine what other things that you want to include in your stuff. When you ought to go hiking you will surely need hiking supplies but if you will go on a fishing trip, fishing supplies is the most sensible equipment to buy.

When you list down the items that you will buy try to research a bit and see the function of that equipment. See if those items are practical to buy for the planned trip. Compare your notes to the actual list and finalize it. You will be amazed that some of the things you have written are not really important for the camping trip to buy. If you are especially in a tight budget it is not wise to grab those that you just want to buy.

Visit different stores whether they are for camping or just your regular department store to compare prices. Some are actually different than the others. When the camping season is near and the days are longer than usual this is the time where most stores engage in sales and offer discounted items. Scout around the area and look for bargains.

It is very important to develop a budget control to ensure money saving. Avoid buying items that are extremes, excessive and unnecessary.

After your budgeted camping gear and supplies shopping spree, you can actually say that you have save some of your money. Buying discount watches, sale camping bags and price cut off items will be a big help for you and your budget. And if you still have some, you can actually start buying unimportant stuff that you wanted in the first place.

After all those planning and listing down the items you need, it is imperative that you use it. Your efforts will be useless if you did not even try to use the budgeted list. This will help you a lot in saving ample amount of money which you can use to prolong your vacation period. Try to buy when it is off season because most of the time they are cheaper. Grab those that are available.

Completing your list will surely result to a better trouble free camping vacation trip.

Tips for Camping in Hot Weather

Camping in hot weather is not only very uncomfortable, but also very risky to one’s health. If you plan to go camping and the weather seems to be uncontrollably hot, you have to be extremely considerate towards many important aspects that can save your experience and make it more memorable. Check out these simple tips for camping in hot weather.

1. Make Shade Your Number One Priority
When the weather is hot, shade should definitely be your number one priority. Setting up your tent near some big trees is ideal. But, if your camping site does not have many trees, you should always consider bringing some umbrellas with you, or hanging a large cloth/tarp above your tents. Once the sun will not be directly beating on them, the tents will remain significantly cooler, which will make you feel more comfortable than you’d normally feel in these conditions.

2. Keep the Air Circulating
Beyond shadow, you need air – lots of air when it comes to hot weather. Bring along a battery-powered fan for each tent, so you can make sure that the air will be cool enough for you to breathe normally and avoid nausea, headaches, vomiting and similar side effects of excessive sun exposure. One of the best tips for camping in hot weather is removing your tent’s rain fly, which will allow the night breeze to successfully enter the tent and cool the air. If you have some money to spare you can also opt to buy a small tent air conditioning unit which can be pricey and require electric.

3. Bring More Water Than Necessary
When the weather is hot, you will find yourself drinking more water than usual. When the sun is beating down, even the lightest activity can lead to dehydration, which is why you should have plenty of water with you. It is important to drink water almost constantly to prevent dehydration, which can further damage your body’s delicate balance. You should also be aware of signs of dehydration like dry mouth, headache, confusion and dizziness.

4. Dress Properly
Dressing properly for excessive summer heat is critical to your well-being and also one of the best tips for camping in hot weather, so give up those long pants in favor of shorter ones. Choose breathable fabrics and light colors, and never forget that applying sunscreen every two or three hours will help prevent you from getting sun burnt. Wearing hats or sun visors are also recommended.

Great Tips For Camping

So you and your family and friends decided on a camping trip. You have wanted to plan a camping trip for years but never was able to until now. You are planning to hike deep into the woods and reside next to that beautiful lake. But now that you think of it you don’t know much about camping and now you need a few tips for camping.

When you are camping with your family and friends make sure you pack enough clothing to last you during your camping trip. If you have kids, make sure you pack them extra clothes because kids tend to get dirty and wet. Normally on camping trips out in the woods you don’t have a washing machine with you so bring a special cloth bag to put your dirty laundry in and make sure you wash them as soon as you get home.

When going camping make sure you plan out your food and bring enough food for the kids to snack on because kids really like to have snacks, especially if they will be swimming. Kids tend to get hungry right after swimming. Also, make sure you pack plenty of juice and or water for your camping trip; you do not want to get stranded in the woods with nothing to drink.

Another thing you should be aware of and make your kids aware of is the type of poisonous plants that may be in the area where you will be camping, this include berries, poison ivy, etc. You also will want to bring along a medical pack just in case something does arise. In this medical pack you will want to have band-aids, an antibiotic for cuts and scrapes, itch creams, etc. You can never pack too much when it comes to your medical case because you really don’t know what situation will arise.

All in your entire entire camping trip should be fun and exciting for everyone that is going with you. Just make sure you plan out what you are going to be taking and have it all packed the night before. Then next time you go camping you will not need tips for camping because you have already had the experience.