Tips to Buy a Camping Stove

Camping is a great recreational activity that allows you to have fun and adventure besides exploring the nature’s hidden treasures. Camping can rejuvenate your senses and refresh you mind. However, before going on a camping vacation, you will need some equipments or gears, so that your trip becomes easy and comfortable. Well, camping stoves are one of the most important parts of your camping gear, which will enable you to cook food when you are present at the campsite.

The vast selection of camping stoves tagged with technical terms may be scary for some who are not that experienced when it comes to camping and buying camping stoves. However, purchasing the right camping stove may not be very hard if you follow some of these tips.

1.Size and weight are two of the biggest considerations that you need to take before buying a camping stove. Remember that you need to travel light-weight when going for camping as even the slightest weight on your backpack may seem like a ton when you travel uphill. To make your life easier on the hiking trail, you need to buy a camp stove that weighs around 15 ounces which should include the weight of the fuel as well.

2.Another thing that you should remember is, to select the stove depending on the volume of cooking you intend to do. If you are solo packing then a camping stove with one or two burners may do but if are planning to go with your family or friends, go for a camping stove that has two or more burners to save time cooking. Camping brands like Coleman offer stoves with two, three or multiple burners.

3.After deciding the size and weight of the stove, the next thing to consider is the type of fuel you’ll want to use. Your fuel options include propane, white gas (also known as Coleman fuel), kerosene and unleaded gas. However, it is mostly recommended to use propane and white gas only. Of all the stoves, those that are powered by white gas produce the most heat. Also, it is a more environmentally friendly choice for it burns without producing any odor or effect on food taste as well as produces less waste.

4.Make sure that the stove burns at high altitude, so that you don’t end up eating raw macaroni. Check what form the fuel supply comes in. If possible, buy a tank with reusable fuel tank or canister.

5.Lastly, don’t forget the price! The price of the stove is very important. Decide how much of money are you willing to spare. Stoves range from simple one-burners for $20, to full stand-up ones for $200. So check out the price, before you buy anything. Consult your friends and relatives to the best piece at the best price.

Well, the above ideas will certainly help you to select the beast camping stove without much hassle or difficulty.